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Removing Energy Blocks Starts Clutter Clearing Avalanche

“I don’t know what I want,” said a new client in response to my question about her expectations for our feng shui organizing session. “I just knew I need to do something!” This client contacted me because she hated her house, which previously had been owned by her husband’s parents. And, she and her husband had been having significant health problems.

Over the next two hours we moved through the whole house while I made suggestions for improving the feng shui of the space. When we got to the last room, the guest room, I recommended that my client claim it as her own, to house her projects, books, her favorite art, anything that lifts her spirits. As is the case with many guest rooms, it had become a dumping spot for things associated with tasks that she didn’t want to do. At my urging we began the “Love It, Use It or Lose It” clutter clearing method to get her rolling on making the space her own. If she didn’t love or use an object, I recommended she lose it.

We cleared a significant number of books, discovered two beautiful silk paintings that had been buried behind linens, and unearthed her beading supplies. One bag held children’s clothing she had been given by a well-meaning family member that she’d been ignoring because she didn’t want it and felt she should. I gave her permission to release the clothing and anything else that had been given to her by others that she did not love and would not use. We also cleared out old papers associated with a past job and a past life. By clearing out stagnant items that no longer served her, we removed significant energy blocks.

As we worked, my client became more and more excited. When I left after two hours I had no doubt that she would continue to work to make her home feel more comfortable. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call just two days later telling me that she’d been clearing ever since I left, and had cleared all but one closet in her home. She had been on a roll, and was so excited about her progress. She was especially thrilled that a friend who was visiting remarked, “Your house feels so light!” She was amazed that her friend could feel the energy shift she’d created despite the fact that all the clearing had occurred behind closed doors.

This client’s stagnant belongings were a barrier to her being able to make significant headway in the process of creating a home she could love. When she improved the energy in her closets by eliminating stagnant objects, things she no longer loved or used, she unknowingly improved the overall feel of her whole house. Everything is connected! And, better yet, the positive energy she created gave her the motivation to keep moving forward to improve the feel of her house. Her plans include painting significant parts of her home and removing several pieces of furniture that she hates.

Want to get your life moving? Want your house to feel lighter? See if you can find the energy blocks in your home. A good place to start is with anything you’ve been avoiding. Just tackle it one obstacle at a time. Then notice what opens up in your life!

February Clutter Clearing: A Little Clearing Can Make a Big Difference

Combat those winter blues by clearing out the old to make room for new opportunities, new relationships, new prosperity. It’s so easy to succumb to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) at this time of year. Gray skies and a drab landscape devoid of the rich colors of green lawns and flowering plants can be a perfect setup to funk out.

When I feel funky and out of sorts I know I’m in a negative energy spin. One way I combat those negative energies is to look for some part of my home, office or car to clear. I may find myself in my glove compartment, a fairly manageable clearing spot. Or, I’m back in one of my clothing drawers, getting real about the shirts I really do wear. Clearing out items that I no longer love or use frees stagnant negative energies and I quickly find myself feeling empowered and energized.

When you clear out even the smallest of spaces, you are making room for new, good things to come to you. Try it. Choose a small clearing project, for example, a shelf in your pantry or linen closet. Pull out items you no longer use or love and create a new order out of the remaining items. Donate or trash the items removed as soon as possible.

Pay attention to how you feel. I’ll bet you’ll feel lighter and a bit more optimistic. No matter how much clutter you still have to tackle, whenever you clear anything, you’ll be shifting negative energy to positive.

Fight the winter blues and blahs with deliberate clutter clearing and you’ll transform this challenging season into a time of opportunity and empowerment. When spring comes your load will be lighter and your outlook brighter!

Transform Trophy Clutter: Create A Trophy Garden

Trophies: The New Yard Art

Trophies hold the energy of the accomplishments associated with them. Some people find it very hard to let go of trophies, even when they get old and ugly. I’ve recommended that clients reduce their quantity by only keeping only those that hold memories of the most significant achievements. I’ve suggested that clients take photos of their trophies and then discard them. But, today learned of a creative way to deal with the trophy dilemma.

Charlyne Meinhard, whose husband, died within this last year, was left with boxes of her husband’s chess trophies in her crawl space. The trophies had been awarded for chess victories in the years prior to starting a family and mark his having achieved a master’s level. They were prized possessions. Getting rid of them was never a question while her husband was alive. After his death, while in the process of regrouping after her loss, however, Charlyne unearthed the trophies and had a decision to make–keep the trophies or get rid of them.

Charlyne knew she didn’t want the trophies displayed in her home, but throwing them in the trash just didn’t seem right. They held the energy of her husband’s mastery in chess. They also held the energy of the early years of their marriage. She also knew her children might be upset if she got rid of them.

Her solution was to create a trophy garden. She carefully placed the trophies in the garden beside the driveway at the front of the house. That way she can see them when on her way in and out of the house. She told me that seeing them is a comfort to her. They remind her of her husband and make her smile. And, she told me,“They were a whole lot less expensive than other yard art!”

Charlyne also removed the engraved plates on the most significant trophies and plans to make bookmarks from them by attaching them to strips of fabric. They will become Christmas gifts for family members.

Got trophies? Transform them from a pile of junk into something that will hold only good energies of accomplishment and positive memories!