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Clear Clutter: Top of the Bedroom Dresser

You may have learned this the hard way, but it’s best to leave clearing cluttered dresser

Bedroom dressers are best used as decorative surfaces,  not storage areas or dump spots.

Bedroom dressers are best used as decorative surfaces, not storage areas or dump spots.

tops for last in your bedroom clutter clearing efforts. Why? Those surfaces are usually covered with little stuff like jewelry, receipts, business cards, perfumes, coins, knick knacks, photographs and anything else that lands on that tempting flat surface.  If you begin clutter clearing with small stuff, you’re more likely to get overwhelmed by the quantity of decisions to be made and the impossibility of seeing visible progress quickly.

If, on the other hand, you figured out that it’s best to tackle the rest of the room first, good for you! That way you have already improved the energy in your space to a point where facing that dreaded mess of little stuff seems possible.

So, you’re looking at all that little stuff. Where do you begin?

Start by considering the function of that surface. In other words, what kinds of items do you want to have out in the open, either because you love them and they make your heart sing or because you want easy access to them?

Once you make that decision, remove anything from the dresser top that doesn’t fit that function. Move those items in the direction they need to go. For example, if business cards really belong in your home office, place the cards near the door to the room, ready for transport to the home office when you take a break or finish your work for the day. Don’t take those items to the location at that moment. If you do, you may never get back to the dreaded dresser top!

Once you’ve removed those things that don’t fit the dresser top function, sort the remaining items into categories of like items. Clump jewelry with jewelry, perfumes with perfumes, etc. That way you can get an accurate picture of the quantity of each item and you are better able to decide how many of a particular type of item you want to have out in the open. Be very selective about those things that remain on the dresser top because each is alive with an energy that will talk to you while you sleep. Remember, your bedroom will feel more restful if fewer items are visible.

A great option for a dresser top is a box and small containers in which you can store all the little stuff that talks too loudly.

Men find a dresser box helpful for storing nail clippers, other small grooming tools and various odds and ends that could get lost in the depths of drawers. Another option for keeping a dresser top less cluttered is to place a small container to hold loose change or frequently used jewelry. When small items float over the top of a dresser it feels more cluttered. Be sure to use each container for just one category of little stuff. When you mix items in containers you create clutter in a container and can’t easily find and access items you want.

Dresser tops are best treated as decorative surfaces rather than a landing strips for the stuff in your pockets and anything you don’t want to bother moving to its rightful home. Once you identify the function of the dresser top, it will easier to stop yourself from just dropping anything in your hand or pocket onto that surface.

Clear your dresser top and then treat it with respect. The peace of your bedroom depends on it!