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Clear Clutter to Create Mental Space

Today I woke up at 4:00 a.m. I had a fleeting thought about my business and my brainclock-157400_640 (1) was off and running. Not a chance that I would be able to fall asleep again! My work plate is quite heavy at the moment, and I was feeling stressed about getting everything done. So, I took my racing brain into my office to put it to good use.

I first cleared my desk and computer screen of clutter. Part of the reason I was feeling stressed was that in the busyness of the week my desk had gotten cluttered. I couldn’t clearly see all of the tasks I needed to do. After clearing the clutter I organized what was left and made my action items clearly visible. I not only felt more grounded, but I created both physical and mental space to be able formulate a game plan for getting everything done. I began to relax and feel more in control.

The best benefit of my early morning clearing was that the introduction for a free ADHD tele-class that I’ll be doing this month just fell into my head. Clearing my mental and physical clutter made space for ideas for the tele-class to flow.

Insomnia isn’t all bad if well spent!