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Clear Clutter: Donating Items Pays Off

Donate quickly to attract more good in your life!

Donate quickly to attract more good in your life!

It seems like donating items you no longer love, need or use would be a simple process. Just drive to the closest charity of your choice and drop off your stuff, right? I wish!

In particular, many people who have a difficult time letting go of things want to find just the right person or place to donate their former treasures. What they don’t realize is that having to find the best place for everything adds a complexity to the process that is time consuming and often ends up being a barrier to donating anything.

For years I have advocated to clients and participants in my educational seminars that they donate items quickly and as easily as possible trusting that their things will end up with just the right person. For example, Goodwill is five minutes from my house. All my donations go to good will.

I have also recommended that people consider donating items without making itemized lists to claim tax deductions. Making that list is another step, is tedious (I’ve never been able to make myself do it!), and because it’s an easily procrastinated task it is another potential barrier to getting things out of your space.

I gave up getting receipts from Goodwill years ago. I view my donations as a form of community service. I also believe that what you put out there will come back to you in some form. For example, I recently rented a car to visit my disabled brother. I need a car bigger than my tiny Honda Fit because Mark’s leg doesn’t bend at the knee. A van would be ideal, but the rental cost is prohibitive. Therefore, I made a reservation for a standard car with the hope that Mark would fit in it. When I picked up the car I explained what I needed and why, and to my surprise  was offered a van for the cost of a standard car.

I believe that by being generous and freely giving away things I no longer love, use or need that I attract generosity in others. The van was my good will coming back to me.

You will not experience the benefits of clutter clearing until your donations are out of your space. Make donating items a quick and easy process to attract more good into your life.

Decorating for Christmas: A Catalyst for Change

When I decorate for Christmas I’m always looking for items I no longer love. This year I put one roll of ribbon, two seasonal wreaths and one ornament in the donate bag. This practice over the last five years has resulted in me reducing the number of boxes that come out of my attic from about 10 to just 3. Decorating is a much less overwhelming task these days! What surprised me this year is that once I started decorating my urge to purge went beyond my Christmas decorations.

As I looked around my living room I found myself feeling bothered by a plant that had grown so big that it felt like a green invader rather than a green asset. I was also ready to be done with two other plants that had needed repotting years ago, whose growth was out of control and ungainly. I tossed them in the trash and added their pots to the donation pile. I relocated the green invader to another room and tossed the corn plant that had been in the green invader’s new home. As I worked to make the plant adjustments I realized I was really craving more simplicity in my living room, less stuff, nothing that felt out of control. When I finished clearing plants and decorating I felt such peace, such relief.

Earlier this fall I set an intention to have more space in my life next year, for rest, reflection and writing. It seems my Christmas decorating was just the catalyst I needed to make my space mirror my intention. Because what I have in my space affects what happens in my life, I’m expecting to have the space I am seeking. I’ve laid the physical foundation. I’m ready for the change I am seeking!