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Empower yourself! Fix broken things!

Broken things carry a very heavy weight energetically. For example, you may not be aware of

Fixing my arthritic thumb joint was empowering!

how heavy that leaky faucet is in your subconscious until you repair it and feel the relief of having it fixed.

I was reminded of how empowering it can be to fix broken things when I had surgery to address osteoarthritis in my right hand. For years I had been experiencing increasing aching pain at the base of both my thumbs. As the arthritis and pain progressed my mobility in my hands became more and more limited. I had to stop knitting. I had to stop using the track pad on my computer. I had to ask my husband to open jars for me. My hands became weaker and weaker. As those things happened I began to feel broken, powerless to do anything about it, frustrated, and old. The brokenness in my body negatively affected my sense of self, my belief in myself and my abilities. I was on a negative slide. Brokenness brings with it negative energies in many forms.

I was excited to learn that surgery could give me back full use of my hands. I’m now two weeks into recovery. Though my hand still has some dull pain and feels fragile, I have noticed that my sense of what is possible for me in the future is growing. Just addressing that one broken part of me has begun shifting from an “I can’t” energy to an “I can” energy. Why is that? Because I fixed a part of my body that was broken. I know my hand will no longer be deteriorating into debilitating pain. It is healing and will be strong again. If it will be strong, so will I.

I wasn’t consciously aware of the extent of the psychological weight caused by the progression of arthritis in my hand until I took action to address the problem and eliminate it. When I was feeling broken and powerless, my thinking and view of myself was contracting. When I took action to repair what was broken, my thinking and my view of myself began to expand. It manifested in feelings of optimism and joy. I began taking action to realize my intention to include more music and art in my life. I took a painting class, my first oil painting class since college. I rented an oboe and registered for classes to learn how to play it.

The more healthy and whole I am physically and psychologically, the more empowered I feel. The more empowered I feel the more likely I am to take positive action. What is broken in your life that if fixed would give you new life, motivation, inspiration and could lead to positive action on your behalf? What is your first step to fixing it? What’s possible if you do fix it? How will fixing it empower you to go for what you really want? 

Your Personal Closet Is a Reflection of You!

Your personal closet is the most important closet in the house. Well, from a DSCN1100feng shui perspective it is! Your closet is an outward extension of you. Your clothes hold your energy. Take a look at your closet. How are you doing right now? Are you calm, spacious and organized? Or, are you a chaotic jumble of stuff?

How can I be so certain of the significance of your closet?

For thirteen years I’ve helped people clear and organize their closets. I have helped clients make decisions about what to keep and what to toss using the “Love It, Use It or Lose It Method” of clutter clearing. Clothing items that were loved or used have the best energy and were kept. Those that were not loved or used at least once a year were tossed. By going through that process over and over again with clients, it was very apparent that clothing held important associations with the different aspects of their lives, some of which were current and some that were outdated.

During the clearing process clients had the chance to “get current” about who they’d become by identifying those clothes they still loved, that still fit, that made them look attractive, that were comfortable, and that were useful given their current activities. In the process they let go of volumes of clothing that was too small, suited to a former occupation only, that felt uncomfortable, that fit poorly, that was of poor quality, that held  negative associations, and that was permanently stained.

When we finished our clearing sessions each client had more clarity about their current self, who they were the day of our clearing session–their current values, lifestyle, and preferences in terms of comfort, color and styles. Clients went from overwhelmed and scattered to clear and empowered within the space of two hours!

Go into your closet and set your intention to create a space that is an accurate reflection of who you are today. With each clothing item ask yourself, “Does this item accurately reflect who I am today? Does it reflect who I want to be today?” If the answer to either question is no, let it go! Get clear. Get current. And, get empowered!

A Positive Focus Is Empowering

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you attract. A friend once told me, “You are 

Look for the positive, the gifts in every circumstance!

Look for the positive, the gifts in every circumstance!

addicted to your misery.” That’s one of those statements that at the time felt like a slap in the face. However, it gave me pause and the opportunity to look at my behavior to see if what she was saying was really true. She was right! At that time I did invest much energy and time focused on problems, losses and negative thoughts. As long as my focus was negative, I made little progress moving forward to a better place.

Why was I so wedded to negative thoughts and a negative focus? Looking back at my history I realized that I was raised by parents who had lived through the trauma of WWII and focused on problems and spoke of the malevolent universe. I grew up listening to news which was skewed to the negative because trauma, violence, and wrongs are more dramatic and attract more viewers. Essentially I was programed to focus on the negative. I knew no other way to be.

It was only after my husband and I were in a serious motorcycle accident, when I sought help for anxiety and fear about my husband dying, that I became aware that there is another way. I was advised to do a gratitude list every night, listing five things I was grateful for. Recording gratitudes and affirmations each night became part of my bedtime routine.

I faithfully kept that journal for at least three years. The result? I unconsciously re-programed my brain. No longer did I automatically go to negative thoughts and judgments about myself, my circumstances and others. I noticed that I was looking for the good in every experience, looking for solutions instead of wallowing in the drama of the problems. With that new focus, I was able to better manage my feelings, even difficult feelings like sadness, hurt and anger. I was able to experience more moments of joy. I felt empowered and was able to handle my life more effectively.

Neuroscience teaches that change is not possible in the presence of negative emotional attractors. Change can only happen in the presence of positive emotional attractors. Believing that there is a solution to a problem you encounter is a positive emotional attractor. Trusting that there are lessons and gifts that exist even in the most difficult situations, and looking for those gems can shift a negative situation into an opportunity for growth, empowerment and change. And, remember the Law of Attraction? It teaches that positive thoughts and feelings attract more positive into your life. Negative thoughts and feelings attract more negative into your life in the form of challenges and obstacles.

Make looking for good, lessons and gifts your focus in every situation and you will empower yourself to keep growing and making changes that will make life an exciting, positive adventure. It’s your choice. Make it positive!