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Want Peace in the Family? Clear Kitchen Countertop Clutter!

At this time of kitchen gadgets and appliances galore, it’s not uncommon toCalm Kitchen find kitchen counters clogged with those “essentials.” But, I challenge you to do a survey of those items asking yourself, “How often do I use this?” I’ll bet you can cut those “essentials” in half if you limit countertop items to those you use every day. Any item used less often can be stored in a cabinet or pantry and retrieved when needed.

The energy of those items displayed on your counters talks to you and everyone else in the kitchen. Multiple appliances and gadgets create lots of energy chatter. Lots of chatter can become lots of stress, particularly when you add the chatter of family members to the mix. Remove the chatter by removing those items, and you’ll find that your kitchen feels much more peaceful.

It’s also difficult to make cluttered countertops look attractive. “Attractive? Kitchens are meant to be functional, not necessarily attractive,” you say. I say, “Why not functional AND attractive?” Treat your kitchen as a 3D collage of those things that bring family and friends together and you’ll find interactions with others in that space not only more harmonious, but more connected. Environment affects performance. A cluttered space tends to irritate the nervous system. A lovely space soothes it. Which would you prefer?