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Pause to Manage Your ADHD

Even hummingbirds pause. So often we see those tiny birds in constant motion. It’s easy

Even hummingbirds pause.

Even hummingbirds pause.

to think that their wings never stop beating. But, they do. I saw it for myself today. I have a branch right outside my kitchen window where hummingbirds come to pause for a few seconds before heading back to work. It always seems like a miracle when I witness that miraculous event!

Pausing is not only essential for rest, but we humans need to pause so we reflect on our actions, desires, and our reality to create new awareness, anchor learning, and regroup. What does this have to do with ADHD? People with ADHD (even the inattentive type) find it difficult to pause. They are either physically moving or their brains are constantly active.

The ADHD brain has two speeds: either full on or stopped. Consequently, people with ADHD can miss the learning and opportunities that are possible with a pause. Failing to recognize the value of pausing, of taking a breath to engage reflective processes can result in acting impulsively without sufficient thought to benefits and/or consequences of actions. The fallout can manifest as mistakes, hurt feelings, wasted time, and worse.

Pausing is hard to do in our fast-paced world, and especially difficult for those who have ADHD. Coaching provides the opportunity to pause. Clients who participate in coaching make a conscious decision to stop and step outside their busy lives. The coaching process is all about clients pausing to create new awareness and learning that can be used to design action that will help them achieve their goals.

Are you running as fast as you can but still not getting where you really want to go? Perhaps it’s time find a coach to make pausing possible. Why not pause right now and schedule a FREE 30 Back on Track phone coaching session to find out more about coaching and consider whether it’s a process that could work to help you achieve your goals.