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Clear Clutter to Get Clear About What You Want

“Clear to get clear.” That’s a slogan I’ve used for years. When you clear physical

Can't figure out what to do? Clear clutter!

Can’t figure out what to do? Clear clutter!

clutter you clear environmental distractions to clear thinking. It’s fun to watch this happen when I work with clients. At some point in our session we cross a line. After we have removed items from the space to donate, send to trash, recycle, or relocate new ideas and thoughts start popping. Decisions we couldn’t make at the beginning of the session are suddenly easy to make. With the clutter gone, so too are our minds clear, and creative ideas and clear thinking emerge.

Recently I received a message from a coaching client who had enlisted my help to clear clutter once she realized she had ADHD. We coached together for about four months. During that time I also did several hands-on organizing sessions with her. Her note expressed gratitude because as a result of our coaching and clutter clearing she was able to figure out what she wanted for the next chapter of her life. She wanted to move. With quantities of clutter gone from her space she was able to think more clearly and figure out the fact that her house was too big for her and her husband now that her children are leaving the nest. With that clarity she was motivated to continue to clear clutter to prepare the house for sale.

Not sure what you want? Clear clutter for greater clarity. Make space for your truth, new ideas, and clear thinking.