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9 Elements of Success

Green treeSuccess isn’t a yes/no, right/wrong achievement. It can’t be attained by hard work alone. Many people operating from the “just work harder” school of thought have tried and failed. So, what really is necessary to achieve success in any endeavor you undertake?

My own life journey and my coach training have helped me get conscious about nine distinct elements of success. I share them as the beginning of an on-going conversation I plan to have with you in future blog posts.

  1. Self-knowledge: know your passions, your strengths, your needs and values, the areas where you struggle, what you avoid.
  2. Keep the big goal top of mind: identify what matters most and keep it conscious as you navigate through your days.
  3. Positive focus: look for the good in every experience, even challenging ones. What you focus on you attract more of.
  4. Self-care: good sleep, regular exercise, good hydration, good nutrition create the conditions for the best brain power, the best attitudes.
  5. Good boundaries: learn to say no, avoid taking on too much, giving too much to others to your own detriment.
  6. Continuous learning: look for the lessons. Learn from every situation, especially challenging ones.
  7. Support: get help in areas where you struggle, areas you hate, areas you avoid.
  8. Letting go: do your part and let go. You are responsible for the effort, not the outcome.
  9. Balance: avoid extremes — all work, no play; all play, no work. Avoid black and white thinking and engaging. Go for gray. Find a balance. 

Working with these elements is part of the program I offer coaching clients. They can become the building blocks for consciously living an empowered life of your choosing. Instead of just floating down the river of life at the whim and mercy of events and those around you, consider these elements to be strong trees on the bank of the river. They can help shape your perspectives and guide your thoughts and feelings to personal and professional success.

In upcoming blog posts I will be writing about each of these elements in more detail. Stay tuned!

Clutter Clearing: Perspectives Affect Clearing Success

DSCN1135How do you think about your things? For example, one way to think about things is to view them as primarily items to serve you as you move through life. Another way would be to view them as precious resources that should be kept just in case you need them. Still another perspective about things is to view them as precious extensions of yourself and what matters to you.

How you think about things affects how you interact with them. If you view your things as items that could never be replaced, you’ll have a much harder time getting rid of things that are in poor condition or no longer serve you. If you view your stuff as resources that flow in and out of your life in abundance, you are more likely to be willing to part with things.

Getting conscious about your perspectives regarding your stuff is an important first step to successful clutter clearing. It’s hard to make decisions about what to keep and what to toss if your automatic thinking makes letting go impossible. Releasing ingrained thought patterns is no easy feat. Your perspectives are literally hardwired into your brain. You must be very motivated for change to successfully identify and release limiting perspectives and adopt new perspectives like, “Releasing items I don’t love or use makes space for new, good things to come to me.”

If you know your clutter clearing success is being limited by the way you view your belongings, but you cannot identify the perspectives that are keeping you stuck, or if you know which thoughts are tripping you up time and time again, but can’t seem to get out of that old “got to keep it” rut, consider working with an organizer coach, a person trained to identify limiting perspectives and support people in the process of change. Get support to shift to a more helpful perspective. It could be just what you need to release yourself from the tyranny of too much stuff!