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Clutter: The Risks of Not Doing Clutter Clearing

imagesCAGBLYOU“Risk is a part of life, work, and love. If you leap, a net will appear.”

~Barbara Talisman

When you clear clutter you are taking risks. You could decide you are going to clear a particular space, but then find you can’t get started. You risked and failed at starting. You could start clutter clearing, get stuck, and run for the remote. You risked and bailed out. You could identify items to donate, take them to be donated, and later find you need the very thing you donated.

Those risks can keep many people from achieving their clutter clearing goals. Some people decide it’s better to be cluttered than risk failing or making a mistake. But, what if the risk of not clutter clearing is far greater than the risks associated with clutter clearing?

The risks of NOT clearing your clutter include:

  • not being able to achieve your goals because you can’t find what you need when you need it,
  • missing opportunities because your clutter makes it impossible to think clearly and make good decisions,
  • not being able to achieve your goals because your clutter is so distracting that you lose sight of your goals and/or fail to follow through on opportunities and necessary actions,
  • wasting money in late fees and/or destroying your credit rating because you aren’t able to find your bills to pay them on time,
  • blocking the flow of money and other good things coming into your life,
  • having relationship conflict or even getting divorced because your partner or spouse cannot tolerate the clutter,
  • being lonely and isolated because you don’t want anyone to see the condition of your home, and
  • having health challenges because the negative energy of your clutter affects you physically (breathing problems, autoimmune disorders, heart problems, cancer).

Can you afford to not clear clutter? You can get over making a mistake or failing in your clutter clearing attempts. But, can you afford to risk your productivity, your financial situation, relationships and health? Take a risk. You will survive and be glad you did!

If you need help to move past your fears of failure and/or making a mistake in clutter clearing, email me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to determine your best next steps to get unstuck and moving to clear your clutter.