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Clear Clutter, Save Money!

I read this on Facebook yesterday.

“Cleaning out the sewing room. .. Ah, you know all those missing scissors? Think I found them. Wonder how that happened.”

Scissors FoundThis is what can happen when a space is not organized so that you can find what you need when you need it. Can’t find a pair of scissors. . . buy another pair, and another pair, and another pair.

Cluttered spaces hide things. They can make your brain shut down and go to the path of least resistance. . . buy what you can’t find. Think of the money that could have been saved if this woman had been able to find those sewing scissors!

Clear your clutter and set up your space so that the tools you need are visible and easily accessible. Save money, sanity and time! If you can’t make yourself clear that clutter, ask for help. Over time living in clutter can cost you more in the cost of new items than the cost to get help from a professional organizer.