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9 Feng Shui/Organizing Tips to Pop Your Small Business to the Top

Running a small business is hard work. You wear so many hats! So, the condition of your office may not your highest priority. In fact, it might not even make your list of priorities! But, did you know that neglecting your office could be costing you business? Feng shui teaches that what you have in your space and how it’s arranged affects what happens in your life. If you apply that principle to a small business, the condition your business environment affects what happens in the business.

As you look around your office knowing that its condition is affecting your business success, you’re probably thinking, “Where do I start?” Following are nine feng shui organizing tips to help you focus on changes you can make that will give you the most bang for your energy buck.

  1. Place your desk in the command or power position facing the door with a solid wall behind you. In this position your nervous system is most relaxed and you’ll feel most empowered while working.
  2. Paint the room a color, preferably one with energy like a buttery yellow, sage green, terra cotta, or my new favorite–turquoise.
  3. Keep only things that you love or use. Lose the rest! This also applies to books.
  4. Clear things that don’t fit the function of business success, like mementoes from a challenging job where you were not successful.
  5. Fix or remove anything that is broken. Broken things have a negative energy and attract “broke-ness.”
  6. Remove anything with a negative association. Objects hold the energy of people and events associated with them. For example, papers associated with prospects that were never converted to clients hold the association of failure.
  7. Have good lighting, both natural and artificial. Avoid halogen and fluorescent lighting which are not full spectrum, buzz and pop, and give off a harsh light. Pools of light are preferable to overhead lighting.
  8. Display symbols of your success–in art, diplomas, certificates.
  9. Add plants to bring the outdoors inside. Touches of plant green can transform a sterile office environment into a comfortable place to work. Use live plants, silk plants, and depictions of plants in art.

What will you do in your office today to enhance your business success? Start small. Take 15 minutes per day to clear clutter and make positive changes to your office. Over time not only will you find you that you can be more productive, you’ll love working in your office. And, you’re likely to be much happier with your bottom line!

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