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Women Get Stuck! Is This You?

Stuck means not moving. All women experience times in their lives when they just can’t seem to

Self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear can keep an artist stuck. Taking action is an act of courage.

muster the motivation to take action to do the things they need to do to maintain a manageable life and/or the things they want to do to support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth and create a fulfilling life.

Some women get stuck more easily. I work with three categories of women who get stuck.

  1. Women in transition. When you experience a death or loss, like the death of a spouse, parent or child, or a divorce, it is quite common to get stuck in grief, stuck in an old role and paralyzed when you have to rebuild your life following a significant loss. Other transitions include retiring from a job, becoming an empty nester, changing careers.
  2. Women Artists. Writers experience writer’s block when ideas and words will not flow. Artists want to paint, draw, sculpt, etc., but can’t make themselves show up on a regular basis to do their work. Musicians have the best intentions to practice their instruments, but keep choosing other things to do.
  3. Women with ADHD. Women with ADHD can have great difficulty initiating action, particularly action that is perceived to be boring, not fun and not stimulating. They are also prone to rumination, getting stuck spinning in negative thoughts that keep them stuck. Transitions, getting into action and out of action, are difficult.

What these categories of women have in common is that each is probably stuck because they hold negative perspectives about themselves, their abilities and what’s possible for them. Limiting beliefs, fear, and self-criticism block forward motion. Fear keeps them disconnected from awareness of their strengths and gifts that could be used to get unstuck. Most aren’t even aware of how their negative thoughts and fears block action.

Coaching is a process that will get you unstuck. You will partner with a coach for support to generate awareness of what is keeping you stuck, what your strengths, values and needs are, and to strategize ways ways to take action to achieve your goals. The real gift of coaching is the opportunity to plan and take action with accountability. Knowing that your coach believes in you and is supporting forward movement can motivate you to reach for goals that previously seemed out of reach.

If you are stuck, take the first step. Schedule a 30 minute FREE Back on Track coaching session with me. In that session you will test drive coaching to see if it could be a good fit for you to get unstuck and moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Clear Clutter for a Joyous Monday!

Every Monday I meet with three lovely women. It’s a mastermind group of sorts, with a spiritual focus. We are all about supporting each other on this journey called life.

Last Monday was one of those rare experiences when all of us were feeling joy and gratitude for the lessons and gifts we’d received. When I think about how each of us got to that natural high, it was that we’d each done some significant clutter clearing and self-care.

One woman had cleared away some emotional pain associated with a difficult divorce. Another had made time for exercise and play with a delightful grandson. She’s also found herself clearing out closets–making space for new, good things to come into her life.

I have been going through my file cabinets, an onerous task that makes my gut hurt. I’ve been doing at least 5 files per day–most days. I also found myself walking through my house removing small decorative items, like refrigerator magnets. I just needed more quiet in my space!

All that clearing and on Monday we were rewarded with the pleasure that comes when you’re connected with yourself at a soul level. Joy, laughter, gratitude were such good medicine for a Monday!

Clear some clutter this weekend and you too can have a joyful Monday!